Saturday, March 20, 2010

THUMP THUMP THUMP.... Hello blogging world! Yes, that is my pulse you hear thumping. I am still alive :) Sorry I have been ignoring you for so long.

So future hubby went on a fishing trip this weekend and you know what that means! GIRLS WEEKEND. My good friend KT was supposed to come in town and visit this weekend because she is on spring break BUT due to the Blizzard of 2010 we had to reschedule. However, my other good friend Kate came in town last night and we had a slumber party!

I took Kate here for dinner...


and we had one of these...

Kate is engaged to future hubby's best friend. Kate & her fiance have been mine & future hubby's "couple friend"! We've been spending a lot more time together lately... with out the boys and it has been so great getting to know her! We had a really fun and relaxing girls night. When we got home from dinner we had a glass of wine & watched...


It was 11:30 when the movie finished & I'm not gonna lie I was fading fast at the end. We got some zzzz's and slept in a bit Saturday morning. She headed home this morning. But not before my sweet angel made me run 1 mile (not kidding) in a dead sprint while giving me about 5 panic attacks. This little guy

wiggled out of his collar and made a mad dash in the opposite direction of my apartment. He crossed one street and was headed for the really busy road. Luckily he got tired of running and took a break and at that point I dove on top of him and held him in my arms the entire walk back (while scolding him). I was out of breathe and tired from my unexpected 1 mile sprint. I do work out but man are my legs sore now! So needless to day his collar is A LOT tighter now. He really is a good boy but he definitely has his puppy moments and is not to be trusted off the leash.

Since the weather was bad I expected to stay indoors with Sebastian BUT that didn't last long. I figured this would be the perfect day to look at wedding invitations and update our registry. I also managed to pick up my future mother-in-laws bday present! It was fantastic hardly anyone was out at the stores and not much traffic on the roads. I came home and worked on the wedding website & waited patiently for future hubby to get home! He's home now safe and sound from his Arkansas fishing trip. I'm going to spend some time with him!

I'll be in touch blogging world! Have a blessed night :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

A few of my FAVORITE things

So these are a few of my favorite things...... rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens oh wait nope NO THESE are a few of my favorite things....
My birthday package came in the mail today from my mom and included these goodies....she knows me all too well!  I LOVE those sticky sweet unhealthy treats.

Also, one of my good friends got me a Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus cd for my B-Day. It was so exciting because I really can't tell you the last time I have used $$ to purchase music or had it given to me... I had almost forgotten what a REAL cd looked like. Anyways I had already had B. Spears so I took it back and got the 2 Taylor Swift cd's!!!!!!

I was jamming out to Taylor Swift on the drive to and from work today. I actually wanted my ride home to last a little longer so I could finish the cd. Needless to say I recommend the CD! Thanks SMILE STEADY :) Oh an don't worry I'll give Miley a chance tomorrow.  

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I have officially been celebrating my birthday for 2 weeks now! The celebration will continue this weekend to make for 3 weeks in a row when we go spend the weekend @ boyfriends family's :) I know what you're thinking.... what is wrong with this self indulged girl. But come on a girl only turns 25 once! 

I went to Arkansas last weekend to celebrate with my best friends! Friday night we had girls night @ La Huerta which continued on to Dickson St. to some new & old bars. La Huerta is my most favorite mexican restaurant in Fayetteville.

Saturday night I had a joint birthday party with Haley @ her moms house. Haley and I have a past of having birthday parties together. We had one in the 8'th grade (i think) @ her moms house and had our picture put on our birthday cake... do you remember when that was the cool thing to do?! I still actually really like it but anyways we had a cookout Saturday night with rock band set up in the backyard with a big screen and some serious speakers. Anyways the weekend was a blast. I got to see some of my very best friends and I always feel at home when I am in Arkansas. 

On my actual birthday boyfriend let me choose where I wanted to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! He's so amazing :) Saturday night we made reservations to eat at the melting pot with our good friends Ashley & Clint. I LOVE fondue and the cheese is my favorite. After dinner we went to this swanky bowling alley downtown called Red Pin. I had a really great time!! 

OK I have a goal for this week to post something once EVERY day. And I promise it won't be all about myself I will try and discuss other fun interesting topics! HOPEFULLY I can get some more followers besides smile steady :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

my very FIRST blog... EVER

Hey guys! Well I don't really have my page set-up exactly how I would like it... but I am too excited and want to make my FIRST post.  I think people make their blogs to focus on something specific, my blog will most likely be pretty random. Maybe later I will narrow it down. I will say that I am going to try and keep it interesting for you.

I wanted to create a blog because....
1.I have a TERRIBLE memory and it would be a great way to document everything
2. I sit around and giggle at my computer because of how funny and creative my friends blogs are

My hesitations for creating a blog...
1. I am single (as in unmarried) with no kids(yes sebastian baby you count as my child) and it seems like only married people with children have a blog well WATCH OUT people Diana-Saur is in town.
2. My spelling isn't always the best.... but I did notice this thing has spell check.. Amazing.
3. I don't want rando freaks stalking me on here.... just friends and family stalking please

Upon weighing all the pros and cons I have decided to join. Oh and my friend "smile steady" somewhat forced it on me.  All in all I am very excited about it and hope to post frequently :)

Some highlights from my day are...... Chris found one of Sebastian's puppy teeth in the carpet and it's so unbelievably cute :) Also, I think I am on a natural high because I am sooooooo excited to take a road trip this weekend to Arkansas and begin some early birthday celebrating!! I think everyone knows how much I love and adore my Arkansas girls. And last but not least I went to Qudoba for dinner with Chris and had 99 cent tacos... living in a college town does have it's perks sometimes! Ok PEACE I'm out for tonight.